Sunday, January 22, 2006


Well, the upstairs has been painted. John's room turned out so cute. Charles built a window seat with bookshelves on both ends, painted it white and the rest of the room is blue. We also have tile in John's bathroom, the laundry room and partially in the master bath. I think the paint looks great, Charles isn't so sure. They should start staining the kitchen cabinets by Monday. The electricity lines were dug so we now have real electricity running to the house. The septic system is another story. We're trying to get a conventional or low drip pressure system instead of an aerobic system and are having trouble finding someone who will install it for us. Seems to be too much rock where they're drilling and they seem unwilling to drill in a different location. We're hoping that we will at least have a flushable toilet installed for John's birthday party in two weeks. Its not looking too good right now. Hopefully, things will pick up.

Glory be! We have thunder bumpers going on. Some much needed rain is falling as I type. We've been blessed with good weather during the house construction, but Texas is sorely in need of this rain.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Recent Photos - stairs, cabinets, fireplace

Here are photos of the fireplace, stairs and kitchen cabinets. The painter starts tomorrow. We have have set up a phone line, electrity and propane services, which have yet to be installed. Still waiting on septic, flatwork and the final plumbing and finish out.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Showers and cabinets!

Friday the showers were installed in the master and downstairs bathrooms. We used cultured marble and they really look nice. Hubby wanted something that really looked like marble, so we chose "walnut swirl" for the master and "grey swirl" for the downstairs bath. Our cabinets have also been installed. Here are photos of the vanities for the master bath. I will post photos of the kitchen cabinets when I can get photos made of them. The stairs will be installed on Monday and the painter should begin painting by Wednesday.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

We celebrated last night with family at our house. We played board games and just had a good time watching John enjoy himself. My parents bought blowers with balloons, noisemakers and party poppers. John got a kick out of these. We started the tradition last year and hope to continue it in the years to come.

We finally selected our wood for the floor at the house. We bought Bellawood Brazilian Mesquite. Its really pretty. It has a golden tone, but also some red in it. We plan to match the color when staining the kitchen cabinets, doors and trim. We're still discussing the tile in the rest of the house. We also have selected wallpaper for the kitchen and dining room and are going in the right direction for the downstairs bathroom.

My baby will be four years old a month from today. It's amazing how time flies.

Well, have a Happy New Year.