Friday, July 11, 2008

Ode to Otto

This week we said goodbye to my parent's cat Elliott. He was a beautiful brown/black tabby who had the most unusual turquoise eyes when he was born. He was over 20, his exact age is not sure, but he was one of 5 kittens that my sister rescued from a kitchen cabinet at the home improvement store she worked for. One of the kittens didn't make it and another was given to a coworker of my father. They kept three of them Elliott, Marvin and Daphne (Daffy). They were much loved. We lost Daffy several years ago, but Marvin and Elliott had long fulfilled lives. Marvin was also known as "Lump Kitty" because he slept under the bed covers. I had a special name for Elliott. To me he was not Elliott, he was Otto. So sleep well dear Otto and say hello to Shelby, Cincie, Chloe, Frisco, Jausenclaus, Marvin, Daffy, Lance, Ferrarri, Cymbah, Tiger, Poodah, Dax, Tuffy and to the many other animals our family have loved over the years. We loved you.

P.S. To see a photo of Otto, click on Ensign Eddie's blog under Rojo's (rooster) photo